Alternative days by Costa d’Orlando: Aeolian Islands Excursions

From Capo d’Orlando to Aeolian Islands, find out all the beauties of the islands

A holiday at Costa d’Orlando Vacation Rentals can give you a bunch of opportunities. The fortunate position of the buildings allow you to plan some Aeolian Islands Excursions. You can sail from Capo d’Orlando Harbour or from the near ones: Milazzo, Patti or Sant’Agata di Militello.

Seven jewels make up the Aeolian Islands. You cannot miss them during your holiday on the tyrrenic cost at Costa d’Orlando. Every visitor will be charmed by those natural beauties, by those smells and those flavors. The islands’ tastes are unforgettable, because of the typical meals that mix up all kind of spices to make irresistible every feed.

Volcanic eruptions, wonderful beaches, unmistakable smells: book your holiday in the north of Sicily at Costa d’Orlando, plan your Aeolian Islands Excursions, breathe the Mediterranean!